Be a hero and bring home dinner! I’ll give you tips and tricks of the spearos and provide a gun so you can try this exciting activity for divers.

Package does not include boat fee. Florida saltwater fishing license is required. Special waiver required.

Spearfisherman’s Oath:

“I kill what I eat. I eat what I kill.”

Fact #1:

True spear fishermen and spear fisherwomen take only fish that they eat.

Fact #2:

Prior to killing a targeted fish, the spear fisherman or spear fisherwoman will first review the following prior to taking the shot:

  • Will this fish be eaten?
  • Is this specie of fish legal to harvest?
  • Does this fish meet the required legal size?
  • Can this fish be harvested without harming any non targeted wildlife?

If the spear fisherman or spear fisherwoman cannot answer “YES” to all of the above listed questions, the fish is not taken.

Fact #3:

There is zero “BY CATCH” when using a speargun to obtain fish. “BY CATCH” is a term used by biologists and conservation organizations to describe the accidental killing of non targeted species such as other fish, sea turtles and dolphins, ect. For example, the netting of tuna often captures and kills other marine species such as turtles and dolphins in the process. Additionally, the practice of “LONGLINING” is equally harmful because, again, non targeted species are indiscriminately caught and killed.

Fact #4:

The only time a fish is killed by a spear fisherman and is not eaten is when the fish killed has been determined by federal authorities as a threat to the environment such as non native species, causing environmental destruction to native fish populations (Lionfish in U.S. waters). In this case, federal authorities, acting on scientific data provided by expert biologist, often call on spear fishermen and women to help eliminate the destructive, non native fish in an effort to save the natural aquatic eco system. The selective elimination of these fish can only be done by using spearfishing equipment appropriate for the local environment to ensure that native fish as well as turtles, dolphin and other aquatic mammals and plant life are not harmed in the process

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